In late 2020, early 2021 I produced a series of large monotypes in response to my son’s request for a waratah print. Thanks Steve for this commission, which lead me on a creative and educational journey.

I learnt the Aboriginal dreamtime story about how the white waratah became red from the blood of the Wonga pigeon, separated from its mate and taken by the hawk; the pigeon’s blood landing on the waratah bushes below. This is why today most waratah flowers are red. Sometimes, although very rare, it is still possible to find a white waratah just as they were back in the dreamtime.

The waratah is native to the south eastern parts of Australia. I even located a lone waratah tree on the side of the road in South Gippsland. The red flower is the NSW state emblem.

My monotype prints of waratahs are printed on 220gsm Fabriano Rosapina paper measuring 50 x 70 cm. They are poster-like, vibrant, authentic works.

$300 unframed.

$500 framed.

Free delivery in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Postage extra outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.