Through Colour and Shape


These works on paper are completely unique, using unconventional techniques to create a spontaneity and vibrancy of the here and now.

The figures revealed are my reinterpretation of the naked female form from 19th and 20th century paintings, casting a contemporary, female view of the feminine form as a symbol of beauty and joie de vivre. Text adds playful references to engage the viewer.

Artists who have inspired these figurative works include Bonnard, Brack, Cezanne, Chagall, Gauguin, Manguin and Schwabe. I developed a drawing of the naked figure in each chosen painting, which then became a cut-out used to create the figurative works you see here.

Along the way, I developed a technique where I would build up a colourful patterned print on my paper cut-out which, through a process of running and re-running through the press, created a new, evocative sometimes ghostlike impression. I then started playing with different, found materials such as mesh, old calendars, leaves and paper packaging.

These works on paper are like paintings, but sometimes I call them ‘praintings’ because I have used printmakers’ tools: rollers, the press, impressions. However each work is totally unique, like a painting.

These works on paper were included in my 2023 exhibition at: Quadrant Gallery | Contemporary Art Gallery | Hawthorn


These works on paper are printed on either 225 gsm Japon Proofing paper measuring 65 x 48cm or Fabriano Rosapina paper measuring 70 x 50cm.

$350 unframed, $700 framed.

Free delivery in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Postage extra outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.