If I Were


I have often said that my facilitation work inspires my own arts practice. Without giving too much away this is evident in my latest body of monotype prints. Inspired by a technique used for Level Playing Field 2021 I have been experimenting, playing and learning.

Entitled If I were… I have been creating one-off prints-come-paintings using the ‘pochoir’ technique of printmaking; a stencilling process allowing for an intuitive and adaptive approach to produce totally unique prints.

The 10 works that you see below have been worked and reworked; some even collaged, to build up composition, colour and effect.


On 220gsm Fabriano Rosapina paper measuring 50 x 70cm, these works are $300 unframed, $450 framed.

Free delivery if in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Postage extra if outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.